Seller's Home Inspection

In a Sluggish Real Estate Market Your Home-for-Sale Needs an Edge. A Seller's Home Inspection is an ideal way to do that.

One of the best investments a seller can make is to purchase a professional home inspection by a licensed Home Inspector... before a potential buyer ever sees the home:

  • Any issues with the home can be addressed before a potential buyer ever sees the home. Price adjustments or repairs can be made at the start of the listing.

  • All of the positive aspects of the home become immediate, documented selling points.

  • Buyers recognize the importance of a Home Inspection. Having one already prepared instills the buyer's confidence in the seller... and the agent.

  • A pre-home inspection report saves the buyer time and money, making your home more attractive from the start.

  • It eliminates last-minute price negotiation and cold feet due to any surprise issues that may arise from an inspection, which can often bring into question the whole purchase.

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